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Swedish Scholarships Available!

Concordia Language Villages is pleased to announce that scholarships to attend Sjölunden are still available. All applications must be submitted by February 28, 2014. More information regarding scholarship requirements, including scholarships only available to Sjölunden villagers is available at www.ConcordiaLanguageVillages.org/Scholarships.

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Getting Ready for 2014

Thank you for visiting the Sjölunden blog! Our sessions for 2013 have now come to a close, but below are some highlights from Sjölunden this past summer:

If you are as excited for the Summer of 2014 as well are, don’t forget to register early! Sessions fill up fast, and participants who sign up before December 2nd, 2013, receive their 2014 summer program at 2013 rates.

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10 augusti 2013 Hej då, alla!

DSCN2876Tack till alla för en underbar sommar!

DSCN3085Thanks so much to all the villagers, parents, families, and staff who have made the Sjölunden experience this summer even better than anyone could have imagined.  We enjoyed meeting so many of you at our Closing Program today and had many enthusiastic conversations about the future of Sjölunden as well as the registering of many villagers for the summer of 2014.  For information on registration for the summer of 2014, click HERE.

DSCN2905Congrats to staff Tova, Ebba, Robban and villagers Mårten, Viktoria, och Katja who made a learning video and won first place this week!  If you would like to see it, click HERE.


DSCN2791  Remember that you can stay connected through this website page as well as joining Sjölunden staff at the American Swedish Institute for På Gång activities throughout the school year.

På Gång Teen Group

På Gång is part Swedish class, part social service club for young people ages 13–18 interested in Sweden, learning and practicing Swedish, and having fun! På Gång meets one Sunday per month at the American Swedish Institute.

2013-2014 School Year Schedule

  • Fall: Sundays, Sept. 15, Oct. 13, Nov. 10
  • Winter/Spring: Sundays, Jan. 12, (February 7-9 Teen Retreat), March 9, April 13, and May 18

Click HERE for further information.

Click HERE for pictures from today.

See below for a slideshow preview.






Hej allihopa!

  Idag var det I-dag, det vill säga internationella dagen på CLV. Först så promenerade vi till den arabiska byn och åt lunch och sjöng till varandra. Sedan gick vi vidare till den tyska byn, Waldsee, där vi deltog i många roliga aktiviteter. Det blev god mat och trevlig sällskap hela dagen lång. Till slutprogrammet dansade vi till många av våra favorita låtar. Vilken underbar dag!




Today was I-day, also known as International Day at CLV. First we walked to the Arabic village to eat lunch and participate in a song exchange. Then we walked further to the German village, Waldsee, where we were treated to lots of fun activities. There was good food and nice company all day long. For our closing program we danced to a medley of some of our favorite Swedish songs.

DSCN2872Click HERE if you would like to see the video of our own special dance.


Click HERE to see the CLV International Dance all the villages danced at the opening and closing programs at I-Day 2013.



What a fantastic day!


Click HERE to see today’s pictures.

Look below for a slideshow preview:



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Välkomna till Sjölundens hemsida!

Copy of Sjo-Logo-Large Hej, alla!

Check out our pictures under the SUMMER PROGRAMS TAB.  On the pull-down menu, scroll down to 2013 WB 82, 64 and hover over it.  Next, click on today’s date over to the right.   There you will find a link to a Picasa Web Album with all of today’s pictures.  Note that you can right click on any image in the slideshow and save it to your home computer.



1 augusti 2013

Hej, allihopa!

Today we did an immigration simulation which lasted all day long.  Villagers were given many opportunities throughout the day to learn about this important topic in Sweden today.  The evening program involved a trial.  Be sure to ask your villager about this special experience!



093Later at night, villagers were surprised in the cabins with Lucia and her attendants who sang special Lucia songs and brought lussekatter with them.


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29 juli Opening Day

Hej allihopa!

Idag kom det nya deltagare till byn. Det var spännande att träffa både gamla och nya kompisar. När alla hade kommit tog vi oss en tur runt byn och lärde oss om hur allting på Sjölunden fungerar. Sedan blev det dags för köttbullar och potatismos- mums! Vi gick sedan till allsång, och sedan till kvällsprogrammet vilket var ett stort Jeopardy spel. Jag var väldigt imponerad över hur mycket våra deltagare visste om Sverige!

Today we welcomed new villagers to the village. It was exciting to meet friends both new and old. Once everyone had arrived, we took a tour of the village and learned about how everything works at camp. Then it was time for meatballs and mashed potatoes for dinner- yummy! Then we went to song time, and then to evening program, which was a giant Jeopardy game. I was really impressed by how much our villagers knew about Sweden!


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25 juli 2013

Hej allihopa!

Idag hade vi lite konstigt väder på lägret. Det växlade mellan regn och solsken hela dagen. Men det gjorde inte oss någonting. Vi hade massa kul med vikingar under kvällsprogrammet. Kolla bilderna om du vill se vad vi höll på med.

Today was a day with strange weather- it changed from rain to sunshine and then back to rain all day long. But that didn’t stop us. We still had tons of fun with Vikings during tonight’s evening program. Check out the pictures if you’d like to see what we were up to.


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25 juli 2013 Glad Påsk!

042 Glad Påsk!  Happy Easter!

Idag firade vi påsk med påskkärringar och semlor. Mums!

Today we celebrated Easter with Easter witches and cardamom buns. Yummy!

Click HERE to see today’s photos!

Here is a preview of them in a slideshow format:


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21 juli 2013

Hej allihopa!

Idag firade vi midsommar med dans, smörgåsbord, sång och brasa. Vilket bra sätt att avsluta veckan på!

Today we celebrated midsommar with dancing, a smorgasbord, singing and a campfire. What a wonderful way to end the week!


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20 juli 2013

077 Hej allihopa!

Idag var det sista dagen för våra en-veckas deltagare. Vi hade ett program till föräldrarna efter frukost, och sedan var det dags att säga adjö. Jag tror att vi alla blev lite ledsna när vi såg hur tomt det blev i matsalen under lunch! Men lyckliga blev vi snart igen när vi fick uppleva något väldigt speciellt- en kväll på ABBA-Museet! Själva ABBA var här och spelade upp! Det var otroligt spännande och roligt!

Hi everyone!

Today was the last day for our one-week villagers. We had a program for their parents and friends after breakfast, and then it was time to say farewell (at least until next summer!). I think we were all a bit sad to see how empty the dining hall looked at lunch. But happiness soon return when we were treated to something very special: a night at the new ABBA Museum! (www.abbathemuseum.com) ABBA was even here and performed for us! It was incredibly exciting and fun!


 008Click HERE to see today’s pictures.

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Hej alla! 2013

018Hej, allihopa!

To see all the pictures from today, click HERE.

 How to see our daily pictures:

First, go under the SUMMER PROGRAMS TAB.  On the pull-down menu, scroll down to 2013 WB 61, 62, 64 and hover over it.  Next, click on today’s date over to the right.   There you will find a link to a Picasa Web Album with all of today’s pictures.  Note that you can right click on any image in the slideshow and save it to your home computer.







Hej allihopa!

Idag var det jul på lägret. Vi hade en mycket god julbord till middag, och sedan en mysig julmarknad till  kvällsprogram. Det blev bra julstämning med risgrynsgröt, glögg, pynt och Kalle Anka. GOD JUL, ALLA!

We celebrated Christmas here at the village today. We enjoyed a delicious Christmas smorgasbord for dinner, and then a cozy Christmas market during our evening program. We really go into the Christmas spirit with rice pudding, spiced ‘wine’, decorations and Disney Christmas cartoons. Merry Christmas, everyone!


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